Professional Massage Services in Rogers, AR

Magic Touch Massage is the leader in therapeutic massage in Rogers, AR. The techniques are effective for increasing relaxation and decreasing pain. With over 20 years of experience providing relaxing massage treatments, my focus is making your experience a positive one that leaves you feeling fantastic.

My name is Lynn Crotser and I am the owner and one woman show behind Magic Touch Massage here in Rogers, AR. I have over 1500 hours of training in a variety of aspects of massage therapy and have been providing you with massage and spa services here in Rogers, AR since 1996. My mission is to help you feel relaxed and free of pain after every visit.

I’ve specialized in Swedish massage for decades but became inspired by the amazing pain relief and relaxation benefits of the Bowen Technique and Cranial Release Techniques of massage therapy when I witnessed the effects on my customers, first hand. That’s what made me decide to offer them as stand-alone options as well as additions to more traditional types of massage therapies and other spa services.

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Massage Specialties Include:

  • Bowen Technique Therapy

    This is used for acute injury or chronic pain relief. It is not a massage but a resetting of the nervous system via gentle movement over edges of muscles, ligaments or nerves. This can provide relief for many problems including migraines, sprains, joint injuries, asthma and more.

    $45 per session, or 3 sessions for $120

    $45 per session, or a package of 3 visits for $125
  • Cranial release technique (CRT)

    This intense neck/skull stretch technique balances your body right/left and releases tension throughout your body. It can prevent migraines and works to restore proper function of the nervous system and body balance.

    About 5-10 minutes $10

  • Swedish massage

    Usually done unclothed with lotion, this is the most common massage technique requested. Long strokes, kneading, trigger point work and stretches are used for deep relaxation and stress reduction and to work on specific problem areas. If you’ve overworked in exercise, this is the cure.

    30 min$40
    45 min$55
    60 min$65

  • Shiatsu (Japanese acupressure)

    Shiatsu is Japanese for ‘finger pressure’, the massage is calm and relaxing in nature, yet dynamic in effect. Shiatsu balances your body as it readjusts itself and the effects last longer than straight massage.
    Wear soft, loose-fitting clothing for this gentle acupressure technique combined with easy stretches.

    30 min$40
    45 min$55
    60 min$65
  • Facelift massage

    Toning, uplifting and deeply relaxing, this will put you in the ultimate deep zen relaxation mode. Hot towels, massage, masks, and lotions applied multiple times during the session. Skin is glowing, plumper and double chins reduced. Perfect for a stress relief stay-cation, or as a true facelift package; I will teach you how to maintain the treatment at home if you choose to follow-up with the series.One session (about 75 min.) $90
    Package of 3 follow-ups $250
  • Couple’s massage

    Looking for a unique romantic indulgence? Treat you and your special someone to a couple’s massage. Leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated together.

    See Swedish. Couples in the same room add $10;  1 hour minimum for same room.

  • Prenatal/Pregnancy massage

    This specialty massage is tailored to meet the needs of the pregnant woman’s changing body. We use Swedish, Shiatsu and Bowen techniques to relieve pregnancy related aches and pains such as lower back pain and achy feet. This massage can be done at any time, up to nine months.

    30 min$40
    45 min$55
    60 min$65
  • Geriatric massage

    As we age, our bodies stiffen and ache in new ways. We apply techniques to target the zones that ail with age. With careful precision and deep knowledge of muscle tissues, we help you feel young again.

    Discounted specials available for seniors by appointment only at the Rogers Wellness Center. Call for details and to schedule your massage.

  • Raindrop therapy

    Raindrop Therapy incorporates the use of nine medical-quality oils layered on your feet and spine for a deeply harmonizing and rejuvenating experience. This powerful, non-invasive procedure assists the body with reducing inflammation, prevents shingle attacks, eliminates dormant viruses and helps to alleviate stubborn back pain and knots. This deeply relaxing process can be accompanied by a massage.Approx. 45-60 minutes $75
    Length of session depends on your detoxing needs.

Spa Services in Rogers, AR

At Magic Touch Massage, we provide a large selection of spa services here in Rogers, AR that can be added to any massage service or purchased a la carte. Our spa services are especially beneficial and extra relaxing when you add them onto your massage appointment. At Magic Touch Massage, a 30-minute massage means 30-minutes of table time and not a 30-minute appointment consistig of a 20-minute massage.

Your appointment typically starts on the quarter hour to give you time to change. We never want you to feel rushed or like you don’t have enough time in treatment to feel the revitalizing benefits. We know you come in for a massage or a spa service, such as a face mask or exfoliation treatment, to ease stress, pain, and tight muscles, not to be in a hurry to relax. All I ask of you is that if you need to cancel an appointment for any reason, that you call me with at least four hours notice to avoid a no-show fee.

On our menu page, you’ll find all our spa services including the types of massage and spa-like treatments available. If you’re not sure what types of treatments are best for you, I am happy to guide you and provide reccomendations. Give me a call to book your session today. You can reach Magic Touch Massage at 479-366-7709.

Magic Touch Massage proudly offers industry-leading products from Bellanina. Our selection includes:

  • Skin care products
  • Anti-aging skin care products
  • CBD salve

Contact Lynn, the massage expert at Magic Touch Massage today to schedule your next appointment.

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Spa Services Include:

  • Facelift Massage

    Toning, uplifting and deeply relaxing, this is the ultimate zone-out. Hot towels, massage, masks, and lotions applied multiple times during session. Skin is glowing, plumper, double chins reduced. Most do not want to cover up with makeup. Can be done for a stress relief vacation, or as a true facelift package; we will teach you how to take over part of it at home if you choose the series. Naps generally needed after you ooze out the door!

    One session (about 75 min.) $90
    Package of 3 follow-ups $250

  • Honeylift Face Mask

    An excerpt from the facelift session, a honey-based potion is applied to face and a series of strokes, taps and lifts is used to help fill in fine lines and bring a glow to the skin. Followed by hot and cold towels; very refreshing.

    About 20 minutes $25

  • Clay Mask

    Clay and hot towels are applied to face for a deep pore cleansing, while arms and hands are massaged. Finished up with a short facial massage and skin moisturizer, this will surely perk you up.15 minutes $25

  • Paraffin Dips

    Useful for exfoliation and as heat therapy for joint pain; areas dipped in hot wax can be hands and/or feet. Very sinful to add to a massage of any length; it is left on during the massage for maximum effect. This must be added to another service.

    Hands Dip$5
    Feet Dip$10
  • Bubbly Machine Soak

    A choice of aromatherapy hot soak with smooth stones for reflexology or choose a bubble/heat machine option with built-in reflex bumps and swirly water. This is followed by a short exfoliation massage. A treat for the feet!

    Approximately 15-20 minutes $ 25

  • Foot Massage

    Add a 10 minute foot massage to any of the above menu options, 10 minutes for $10.This must be added to another service, if ordered as a stand-alone option, you must schedule a minimum of 25 minutes for $30.

  • Ear Candling

    Ear candles are used to deep clean ears and believed to help with ear disorders. Deep dried-up wax is migrated into the candle from the heat/vacuum. Not for impacted wax, but light to moderate buildup. Price is for 2 candles.

    30 minutes $30

  • Ionic Foot Bath

    Feet are placed in warm water with ionic battery, which will pull heavy metals and other unwanted substances from your body, such as yeast. Detoxing of liver and other organs also occurs. Water will turn color, depending on what body is releasing. Eventual objective is to have water be transparent with only light coloration.

    30 minute session $30

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